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2014 Shanghai International Processing, Packaging Exhibition Grand Opening
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2014 20th anniversary celebration of the Shanghai International Processing, Packaging Exhibition 2014 July 16 to 18 held at the Shanghai New International Expo Center. As the packaging and processing industry, the exhibition for all types of manufacturing industries to provide professional and comprehensive processing and packaging technology solutions, while the establishment of a professional exhibition in the exhibition is a liquid processing technology. This year's show attracted a total of 21 countries from 602 exhibiting companies. Exhibition area once again hit a new high, the exhibition area of 40,000 square meters.

Exhibitors and Exhibits content areas are:

Food Processing Machinery (convenience food equipment, cutting equipment, snack food equipment, ice cream machine juice beverage equipment, oven, grill machine, tofu machine, meat production line, extruder, potato chips machine, mineral water production line, cookware, toaster)

Packaging Technology (transport packaging, transport packaging, construction packaging, civil packaging, waterproof packaging, moisture-proof packaging, rust-proof packaging, shockproof packaging, radiation packaging, flame packaging, packaging pest control, mold packaging, aseptic packaging, inflatable packaging, blister packaging, skin packaging, etc.)

Weighing system (single version of the weighing system, the network version of the weighing system, truck weighing systems, unmanned weighing system, weighing management systems, etc.) Cosmetic Processing Machinery (Sales emulsifying machine, vacuum emulsifying machine, stirring the pot cosmetic filling machine, cosmetic tank machine, cosmetic water equipment, filling equipment cosmetics, cosmetic water equipment, cosmetics manufacturing equipment, cosmetic filling equipment)

Wine and beverage processing (cooking equipment, food baking equipment frozen food processing equipment, spices processing equipment

Soybean processing equipment, food processing equipment, canned biscuit machinery, confectionery machinery, rice machinery, dairy machinery brewing equipment, refrigerated storage equipment, food packaging machinery, tobacco machinery, fruit and vegetable processing equipment, beverage equipment, food sterilization equipment, meat processing equipment, other food and beverage processing equipment)

Plastic packaging machinery (food bags, air vacuum bags, etc.)

Printed materials (printing paper, packaging and printing materials, printing inks, blankets, colored plastic version of the materials, printing materials, binding materials, packaging materials rollers, etc.)

Milk Processing Machinery (pressure cooking pot, the deployment of tanks, hot and cold tanks, mixing tank, mixing tank, storage tank, fermentation tanks, etc.)

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