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2015 The 6th Shanghai International Exhibition of Plastics and modified plastics
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Date: 22-24 April 2015 Venue: Shanghai International Sourcing Conference and Exhibition Center

     · Organization

     Supported by: China Plastics Processing Industry Association

     Supported by: China Light Industry Federation

     Organizers: China Light Industry Federation of plastic raw materials branch

     Sponsor: Shanghai NSPA Exhibition Services Ltd.

     · Show Summary

     China plastic raw materials exhibition area of over 20,000 square meters total, more than 350 exhibitors, more than 800 standard booths, traders, distributors, agents, buyers, more than 40,000 people, creating the world's top plastic raw materials industry event.

     · Show Background

     2015 China Shanghai International Exhibition of plastic raw materials and modification technology is the industry event in China and the Asia-Pacific region. Has been widely recognized as a brand promotion, product display, communication and an important platform to expand their business, is a plastic and related enterprises to actively participate in industry super event. The exhibition of "scientific and technological innovation, rebranding, value optimization solutions" as the theme, to promote the industry and downstream service-oriented innovation and environmental innovation; done accurately on the pulse of plastic raw materials and downstream sectors of the real needs and trends, to achieve a industrial, information integration of the two, to build on the plastic downstream communication platform, to create a brand and image, plastic raw materials companies show an important stage.

     Visiting companies from automotive parts, electronic products, household appliances, medical care, food, beverage, household chemical, daily necessities, sporting goods, clothing, apparel, gifts, engineering parts, building materials, decoration materials, packaging, printing, plastic packaging and containers plastic machinery, molds and parts industry and chemical research units, universities, industry associations, the news media, the investment and trade institutions and other related industries.

     · Exhibition grounds

     We will invite the following way for the show to high-quality professional audience:

     1. Through more than 100 specialized cooperative media release show ads and text propaganda, propaganda exhibition uninterrupted period of more than six months, the audience is expected to reach 50,000 people.

     2. The exhibition will be published by over 100 major network media flexible schedule information and press releases show, the number of more than 500 articles.

     3. The exhibition plans to distribute other related exhibitions, mail, etc. to issue invitations, tickets and other event-related invitation message 50000, bulk fax 30 000 copies, bulk SMS 200 000 for professional buyers, the implementation booking system the audience quality is assured.

     4. For the senior leadership of government departments, industry associations and professional bodies, the exhibition office by telephone, on-site visits, and other ways to promote the summit, invite industry executives to the meeting.

     5. Use powerful database organizer, using e-mail and other ways to attract more than 20,000 professionals and users to the exhibition concept development; collaboration with various industry associations, exchange resources, and related fields have the intention to invite multiple companies come to visit us cooperation.

     Exhibitors can also:

     1. Field deal: Show time is short, but due to the direct business face to face talks with the easy reach agreement

     Yee or intent.

     2. Enterprises and products: Exhibition is a three-dimensional advertising, promotional buyers for products, services, knowledge, it is appropriate to accept.

     3. Establish a corporate image: in the same industry and users in the field to establish a good corporate image, enhance the status of the industry.

     4. Deepen understanding of the market: understand the needs of the market and the buyers in exchange, to intuitive and accurate than the daily market research.

     5. Market development, establish marketing channels: Use the exhibition to develop the market looking for customers, identify agents or partners.

     6. The interaction of supply and demand: You ever get together at a customer or supplier, convenient for you to interact with the appreciation event here.

     7. Learning development experience: Compared with other suppliers, to understand other people's business development experience.

     · Schedule

     Registration exhibit: April 20, 2015 -21 days Opening: April 22, 2015 (9: 00-9: 30)

     Exhibition: April 22, 2014 -24 days dismantling: April 24, 2015 PM

     · Exhibitors

     1: plastic raw materials: modified GE Plastics (modified PE, PP, PS, ABS, PVC); general engineering plastics (PA, PA6, PA66, PA12, PC, POM, PBT, PET, PPO, PMMA), etc; special plastic (PPS, PI, PSF, PEEK, PCTFE, LCP, PTFE, PES, PAI, PAR), etc; plastic alloy (PPO / PS, PC / ABS, PC / PBT, PC / PET, PA / PP) and the like.

     2: Plastic materials: reinforced materials (various fibers); Antioxidant; anti-fogging agent; antistatic agents; polymerization inhibitor; light stabilizers; colorant; coupling; flame retardant; forming agent; heat stabilizers ; lubricants; plasticizers; anti-UV stabilizer; titanium dioxide and the like.

     3: Modified plastic compounding pelletizing equipment and technology: single, twin-screw granulator, mixer, reciprocating kneading machines.

     4: plastics compounding modified granulation related auxiliary equipment: metering feeder, mold temperature, dry bath, crushers, chillers, central feeding system, screw and spare parts, recycling equipment and systems, testing equipment, etc. .

Exhibition project specifications and requirements of domestic foreign joint venture enterprise
Standard booth 3m ╳ 3m 15000 yuan / month 20,000 yuan / month 25,000 yuan / month
Indoor space 36m2 Order 1500 yuan / m2 元 2000 / m2 2500 元 / m2
     Standard booth includes: three walls of each standard booth panels, two spotlights, an information desk, two chairs, carpets, 220V AC power outlet one, in English and fascia, etc., indoor light to stand without any configuration: (need 36 ㎡).

Inside Front Cover Inside Back Cover Back Cover title page color pages of text Introduction
28,000 yuan 18,000 yuan 12,000 yuan 20,000 yuan 12,000 yuan 6000 yuan 2000 yuan
     · Other ad

     Project Name Specification (cm) Price Quantity Item Name Price Qty

Project Name Specification (cm) Price Quantity Item Name Price Qty
Bag 28x38x9 2 yuan with one thousand tickets 15 x30cm 10000 yuan a million copies
All badges 8x12 2 萬元 inflatable arches 8 m 8000 yuan a
     · Exhibitors Tips
     1. Request Exhibitor Registration Form fill out the "Exhibitor Application and Contract" form and fax it to the organizing committee official seal.

     2. After the application exhibitor booths in the five working days booth fee wire transfer to a designated account of the General Assembly, after remittance remittance by fax to the organizing committee for verification; such as failure to pay within the prescribed time in a timely manner, the organizing committee will does not retain the original booth.

     3. Booth after confirmation, shall not be returned, if the exhibitor drop-outs show, the payments are not refundable.

     4. Booth assigned sequentially principle: "first come, first pay, first arrangement."

     5. In order to ensure that the overall image of the General Assembly, the committee reserves the part of exhibitor booths ultimate power.

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