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Kunshan Mao-Xin Technology Machinery Co., Ltd.
Contact: Miss Yang Changkui
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Address: Yushan Town, Kunshan City Green Song Road 136
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Kunshan Mao-Xin Technology Machinery Co., Ltd. in Taiwan named first Trade Ltd., established in 1976, is the home of 30-year reputation of integrity management Lean Enterprise. And strive towards "development and innovation, improve efficiency, quality assurance, and sustainable management." The goal forward.

Factories located in Kunshan City, Jiangsu Province, we specialize in designing and manufacturing plastic molding equipment and the whole plant automation interface transportation planning, powder, tablets, liquid delivery metering, mixing, drying equipment, storage barrels (Silo) 1 ~ 1000T Jieke undertake an independent manufacturing design, own factory, own engineering team. Continue to design a lot of well-known case of products, reputation in domestic and foreign.

We are a strong team with confidence, will be in the product internationalization, into the world, to make sure our customers quality and effort. We continue to enhance their competitiveness in order to achieve to make the best use of its ideal for industrial development into an effort.

Your device old yet? Your device to keep up with it? Welcome to contact us, also welcome to become our agent, we are much higher than the number of quality requirements, we focus on services is much higher than business, let us work together to sustainable development, create brilliant career!
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